Friday, 16 November 2012

Yay it's Friday (part 2)

Stupid hands made me delete my first lot of ramble so here I go again....

So yay its Friday. I actually love my job right now so i don't spend the time counting down to the weekend but this weekend should be fun so i was looking forward to 4pm! I will babble more about the weekend during the weekend but needless to say I get to enjoy/not enjoy my two favorite things being a twi-hard and being an Arsenal fan...though the later is not always enjoyable.

Me and Rich have a Friday night tradition of watching a movie and lately its been a Bond movie and this week it's my choice so it will be a Connery one! Not sure what one yet but I'm going to open the case in a minute and see what grabs me the most. We also try and do something fake-away like for dinner (or takeaway when I'm not being a SW angel). Tonight its SW chips with Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers. I decided to use my healthy extra for extra cheese (I love cheese) so I am having large mushrooms as the bun. I will also have more mushrooms on the side as I love mushrooms....just as much as I love cheese. The joys of green is I can have four lots of cheese if I want too and some days I do.

So onto food, yet another good day sticking to plan and by the end of the day I will have 7.5 syns which is good. So what did I enjoy today....pretty much the same as yesterday

Food diary


40g dorset fruit muesli (i love this stuff though next week I may mix up my cereals a bit more)
Banana and Custard muller
Blueberries and raspberries


Mushy pea curry (again but it is so nice)
3 babybel lights
Grapes, Apple and satsuma

I have had milk during the day in coffee using up my other HEA and again lots of water. Day 2 of being a SW angel!

So reason 2 for losing weight.....clothes!! I love love love a lot of goth/alt clothes but right now I have too large a glutenmous maximous and belly to get into them. By losing weight I know I will be able to wear the clothes I adore with pride. Me and Rich have a deal that when I hit target we are going shopping in Camden and I cannot wait! I adore Camden and the clothes there. 

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