Monday, 26 November 2012

Movie day and less padding

Well I am now down to a smaller bandage so more mobile though I did discover chopping was very hard :( but got to keep practicing.

Today was not an ideal day on plan I went for a walk to the shop for milk and felt good that I walked past the cakes and crisps until I saw the new special k crackers and decided to try some you can have 21 for 5 syns..shame I ate the box :s anyway lesson learnt do not buy crisps as its your downfall.

So breakfast didn't really happen except for coffee

I also kept up my water today so hopefully the cristatrophy wont damage me too much.

Today I decided to do a red day and had some nice bacon and mushroom brunch muffins at lunch, I topped them with two HE's of cheese.

They were nice and filled me up till Rich got home at 7pm.

As I am off work for now I took advantage of the lovefilm, netflix and now tv free trials and had a tv/movie day. I started with Red Drawf one of my favorite shows

which cheered me up a lot. I then decided to start working through my film list. First up was Fright Night

Now this is a food/SW blog but I may as well tell you what I thought. I really enjoyed it I like vampire movies and this didn't dissapoint. Colin Farrell was good as the baddie he had the right look. After this I went for the cute Gnomeo and Juliet

Loved it it was so cute and I chair bopped to the Elton John soundtrack. Next I went for something scary Insidious

Needless to say I was glad Doug was with me as got the major heebie jeebies. I finished up with the lovely Taylor Lautner in Abduction

and you know what it wasn't bad. I have only seen Taylor as a werewolf but he did well in this and the story kept me interested. My favourite of the four was definately Fright Night and I need to watch the original now.

Dinner on red was tricky for me as I'm used to having whatever pasta I wanted. It did help me realise Im not a fan of meat anymore and I am going back to green tomorrow.

The meat is lamb tagine which asda do in a tin for 1.5 syns on red and EE. Rich had about 3/4 of the tin and I had the rest with stir fried veggies and 35g of pasta (uncooked weight). I am glad I experimented with red but I do prefer green. It may be handy for the days before weigh in if I want to cut my carbs but I need my cheese and pasta hehe.

Anyway Rich is watching QI which is making me chuckle but I keep missing the intelligent things Mr Fry says so I will end my rambles here. Join me tomorrow more movie reviews and food pictures!

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