Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Loserville and warnings

Okay first things first I had weigh in tonight and I lost an amazing 5lbs!!! I am over the moon as I worked really hard this week. I've now lost 2 stone 10 1/2 lbs. We did a weigh and run as my friend went to visit her mum (who best get better soon otherwise I'm doing my stern face) and I wanted to watch Arsenal. Next week I want my 3 stone award :D

Today was my penultimate day at work before my Op so I decided I wanted to get in early to organise my filing cabinet (it was not alphabetical and it was bugging me) and generally crack on except I had a bit of a dozzy morning and I blame the rain! I left my pass in the car which I realised after a 20 minute walk in the rain so I had to go our other office to get let in so in the end I wasted 15 minutes more sleep wandering around! Anyway I finally got to my desk and got my morning coffee and breakfast on the go.

You get to see a bit more of my desk here including my cute family picture. But breakfast was fruit and dorset fruit cereal and a muller which is my favourite breakfast. The water bottle is 1 litre and I got through two of those during the day.

My coffee consumption was low today which is unusual and I was quite peckish by lunch time. Now I had planned another pot of cauli cheese soup but when I defrosted it the amount looked pathetic so I added some pasta too it.

It was okay but not the nicest lunch I've had but the soup is a winner as a soup and a sauce so next time I will make a bigger portion.

Dinner....well there won't be a picture of that except for this

Yes we had a naughty weigh in treat but I only managed half of my normal amount and didn't enjoy it as much as normal. 

I am now going to enjoy the football and read the two new SW books I got tonight. I got little book of soups and extra easy meals in minutes. I don't do extra easy but I can tailor the meals for my green days I am sure. 


  1. Ah Pizza, my downfall, I really wanted one today but resisted :) Well done on your loss, you must be over the moon!!

    The little book of soups is awesome, one of my friends gave me their copy this week and there are tons of green friendly soups in there :)

  2. I cant wait to have a good look through them both x now the football is done I can celebrate hehe x I am over the moon it was tough going but I stuck to plan and will be fighting the yoyo this week to have another loss xx

  3. Congratulations on your 5lb loss!
    As for the pizza, well a treat doesn't hurt :D
    I think my takeaway will be wondering whats happening the last couple of weeks as I haven't had anything from them, hehe :)

    1. haha its bad when they know you too well we had that at our old one ;)