Sunday, 25 November 2012

Frustration and Crunchie bars

I didn't realise how annoying this one hand thing was going to be!! Tomorrow the big bandage is coming off so I should have more movement.

Foodwise I've had another good day I had another sausage and cheese sandwich but with mushrooms too was good!

Definitely kept me going till lunch which was magic soup but with added mushrooms

I love this soup so quick and easy to make!

I decided after to make a collage of my journey so far I can see the changes beginning

Dinner was a bung it in the pan and see jobby it was quorn lamb filllets baked beans mushrooms and courgettes with passata and garlic We topped it with mash and cheese and it was tasty

Rich had a crunchie for his pudding and wouldnt let me have any :( its okay i will have my fruit and blamange and not have any. Im keeping the syns low after fridays feasts. Rich is back to work tomorrow so hopefully I willl be good even without my monitor

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