Saturday, 24 November 2012

One handed blogging

So yesterday I had my op yesterday so this blog is brought to you by one hand and me modelling a funky purple sling apologies for the scary look :p

I had a day off plan enjoying pop tarts (first time ever) and a curry. I got right back on the wagon today with a yummy sausage and cheese sandwich.

Inside is two Linda Mccartney italian sausages and three low low cheese slices was gorgeous and hit the spot.

Today has been a tv and sofa day but there was some excitement when the postie brought me this

I'm in love <3

Lunchtime then came and I fancied mushy pea curry and veg was so nice

That set me up for an afternoon of attempted to read a monster of a book

and then a very dull football game.

Dinner was mainly cooked by Rich though I assisted we had quorn swedish meatballs with a tomato sauce and pasta topped with more cheese

We had pudding after of fruit and a muller/jelly combo

Gorgeous and tons left for tomorrow deffo a new favourite pudding!

I'm now going to watch Elementary then bed I think

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