Thursday, 15 November 2012

So today has been a good day! I am really pleased with myself as I stuck to plan all day. I got a text from my lovely consultant early in the day and the support meant a lot. She knew I was struggling until yesterday and she reached out. I also have some very supportive friends who have helped me focus on what I want and why I want it!.

So food wise I have decided to post a food diary so anyone can see what I'm nomming on and shout if I am going wrong. I tend to do the green plan and I love the fact I can have tons of cheese (measured carefully) if I wish. 

Food diary


Dorset fruit muesli (40g HEB)
Muller light


Mushy pea curry
3 Babybel (HEA)
Grapes, Satsuma and apple

Pasta with courgettes, sprouts, onions and mushrooms sauteed in felippo bertolli oil (1/2 syn per 7 sprays) and 2 linda maccartney sausages and 40g of cathedral city light

Drinks - 3 litres water and coffee using my hea of milk ( I drink a lot of coffee)

Im really happy with what I had today and so far only used 1/2 a syn...there is a reason behind this. On Saturday me and the lovely other half are off to see Breaking Dawn part 2 and we treat ourselves to the directors hall at the cinema which also means food. The choice isn't going to be SW friendly but the joy of doing SW is you can enjoy these events without destroying your week. It will be a bit of a test though to make sure I don't have this treat and then keep going. Really looking forward to the movie date with Rich.

So apart from sticking on plan it's been a good day I was worried going into work as had made a small error on a file in my old role and was worried about discussing this with my supervisor but she was lovely and supportive and made me feel confident in discussing issues with her.

One of the things I decided to focus on in this blog is reasons why I want to lose weight. I'm going to look at these for the next few days so I can focus on why I am doing this journey.

So the first one is my health. My health wasn't great before I walked through the doors at slimming world. I was in pain due to my back which couldn't cope with my extra weight. I couldn't walk very far at all so struggled walking Doug and I had no energy. I've lost 10% of my start weight now and little things have changed. I can walk quite far now....infact this year I did a 6 mile walk for charity during a nice hot sunny day which I am really proud off doing as it felt like a massive challenge. I walk Doug further these days and a 3 mile walk with him doesn't phase me and my energy levels are increasing.

Oh and I don't complain that my back hurts nearly as much ;)

So for the rest of the evening I'm going to relax with Rich and Doug and catch up on TV as we have a ridiculous amount stored on the sky + box and I need to get through it. May have a hot chocolate soon too as a nice evening treat as have a bit of milk left and the cadbury's fudge one is calling me ;) if you listen closely you may hear it.


  1. Looks like a good day to me :) If you're finding it hard to not have your syns, allow yourself some. That's why they're there after all. You can stick have a flexi afternoon at the cinema and stay in control x

  2. I went for a hot chocolate with my left over milk and a muller with grapes which feels quite satisfying x