Saturday, 17 November 2012

Football breaking dawn and possible synnage

So it's Saturday yay I started the morning with a weird breakfast craving I fancied scrambled eggs mushrooms with cheese and Linda McCartney sausages. It was very tasty and filling and I washed it down with my big mug of coffee.

Now I am pleased that picture worked as that was my first time trying that hehe. 

So breakfast was done nice and early so it has time to settle before the dark time that will be 12.45 and the north London derby. For my sins I am an Arsenal fan and in recent years it has got much harder to be a happy Arsenal fan as our club seems to be vanishing before our eyes. Today is the big game a chance to put our rivals in there place and a game that will dictate my mood for the rest of the day. The last time Arsenal lost I threw a right strop.

Now hopefully this will be the sort of result we have today!

This afternoon me and Rich are off too see Breaking Dawn Part 2 :D

Yes I am a twi-hard and proud of it. I loved the books and whilst the films are not as good they are still enjoyable. For the 'big' movies me and Rich go to the cinema delux directors lounge where you get about 20 people only, posh seats and they bring food and drink to your seat. I will be an afternoon of synnage but I have planned for it and I am in control today. I'm also going to be modelling my funky shorts leggings and twilight tshirt...but don't worry its not a typical one its kinda a piss take one haha. I may get Rich to take a picture so I can see how far I have come

Reason 3 for losing weight

The bath.....anyone who is overweight will understand how unsatisfying a bath can be when you can't fit in it well. The moment you know you are losing weight is when you have to put in tons of water and you arn't wedged in. Its nice to have a bath now and relax. I have partaken in this activity a lot this week and its been so relaxing


  1. Mmm you can't beat a proper soak in a nice big bath! Mine is starting to feel bigger! I've not read the Twilight books...I'm guessing I should seeing as we're nearly the same person? lol x

  2. I'd love to be able to get in our bath.. :( it's small and narrow. Luckily we have a shower but I would love to be able to have a bath once in a while and just soak and fall asleep and wake up all wrinkled lol!! x