Monday, 19 November 2012

Tell me why I don't like Mondays....

To be honest I don't mind Monday's too much except today where I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep properly. It was really annoying so I was feeling quite sleepy.

Anyway when it was time to finally get up and go to work I packed up my food and was cheering myself on my walk from the car to work with some My Chemical Romance. I had forgotten I liked them so much so it was nice to plod along to some of their music.

Now like anyday I need to start it with coffee so cue a picture of coffee stuff

Yes we have three coffee making machines if you include the kettle but isn't the kettle so pretty. The little pots are douwe eggberts coffee and they come in vanilla, hazelnut and caramel and they are gorgeous and at 2 calories per tsp they are classed as syn free.

So enough of the cute purple kettle onto breakfast which monday-friday takes place at my desk.

More coffee in my lush harley mug that my lovely Rich brought me my fruit and yoghurt pot and one of my magic muffins which are magic pancakes as muffins. I had three which kept me going for quite a while.

Before I knew it the morning had flown by and my pile of work was not dissapearing (I swear we have imps we add work to my pile when Im not looking). My tummy told me it was lunchtime and thankfully the clock agreed so cue another picture but this time from a different section of my desk.

Don't the sections of my desk look tidy..the massive piles are hiding ;) In the bowl in magic soup a very simple but tasty soup it is one tin of carrots one tin of chopped tomatoes one tin of baked beans and cook them up. Then blitz with pickled eggs it does taste similar to heinz which I like. I had my fruit and my babybel too whilst enjoying my current book The night circus by Erin Morgenstern its very good and I would recommend.

The afternoon went even quicker talking to clients and generally being busy. I've only got three days left before I am off for my op so the pressure is on to clear the work as much as 4 oclock came and it was time to head home via Asda for the essentials I managed to forget saturday when the shopping came (why does that always happen). I got home to the lovely Rich and Doug and took Doug out for his walk. I then decided to have a bit of a bubble bath and read my book for a bit before cracking on with dinner.

Dinner meant experimentation time I wanted to try Meatazza which I made with quorn mince and it was really tasty. The recipe is as follows

750g extra lean mince (I used 350g of quorn mince as it was just for the two of us)
2 eggs
Can of tomatoes
Tomato puree

You mix the mince with the eggs garlic and parsley. I also chucked in some paprika and onion granules.

You mix the tomatoes and puree together (I had no chopped toms so used passata) and spread it on top

Add your mushrooms (and other veg of your choice)

Top with cheese and bake for 25 mins at 200.

I really enjoyed it, it was a nice change from the normal food we have and quite filling too. I had mine with a salad Rich didn't as he hates veggies and has to force them down.

Here is the finished article and my dinner plate

Hiding under the spinach is a lot of beetroot which I adore.

I'm finishing off the night with the rest of my low syn cake a flump and a hot chocolate but I struggling to get to 5 syns today as I am genuinely full. I won't force any after saturday as I want to stay focused.

I'm looking forward to wednesday weigh in already I hope its a good result :D

I can't think of a reason to lose weight other than clothes right now so I will instead show you my pretty skirt which I will be wearing soon


  1. LOVE that skirt! *wants* Looks like a good day foodwise, oh and you'll also be totally unsurprised to know that I also want your kettle :)

  2. Separated at birth or what!! I love my kettle I have a matching toaster too :D

  3. How do u make those magic muffins?

  4. Hey Lauren I make them the same as magic pancakes 35g porridge oats soaked in muller, 2 eggs and sweetener then put into muffin cases and cook for 15/20 minutes at 200 x

  5. I want a skirt like that and it to fit me..rather than just round my little finger as it would right now lmao!!

  6. haha right now it fits my leg and thats it but one day it will be on my butt