Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I really hate not being able to do what I want when I want it. I tried to do something as simple as opening a tin and got really frustrated by it as I couldn't do it. Needless to say I threw a girl strop and then waiting for Rich to come home.

Food wise today was a hungry day for some reason I am not sure if it was a hangover from my red day yesterday but I had major munchies all day. Breakfast was simple but tasty. I love the Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages and even better they are syn free. I had at one stage 10 boxes in the freezer but my stock is dwindling. Good thing is more places are doing it now.

See how well the pepper is cut...that was hard work but it was worth it. I chucked it in the oven with the mushrooms and sausages and it was very tasty. Big mound of baked beans too, I never used to like baked beans until recently.

I settled down to a few episodes of Red Drawf remembering again why I loved that show and then decided to continue my movies. I may be doing this a lot over the next few weeks as well as reading so be prepared.

My first film was Fallen I was drawn to it as it was about fallen angels and had the not so cute salvatore brother in it.

It was okay...the highlight was Gabe the talking dog but I did not like Paul Wesley as the lead he was far too wooden. That took me to lunch time and I had a craving for cheesy chips and beans so thats what I had. Apologies now for the flat square chips but hey I am down to one hand.

More mushrooms too, I love mushrooms so having them twice today was very good for me. I wasn't full after this and knowing that I didn't want to fall into the bad munchie trap I got a bowl of grapes and a yoghurt,

They were so tasty and set me up during my next movie which was Grown Ups.

Not a bad movie had me chuckling in places. By the time this had finished I had munched my way through my grapes and a massive mug of green tea. I then decided to try a horror/supernatural vampire film which I normally love. I went for Priest which is about priests who kill vampires and it was dull.

The boredom made me want to munch on something and I was very happy to look back over what I'd had and realised i still had two HE's left and no plans to use them in dinner (the other ones were cheese and milk in my coffee). I had a craving for a toasted cheese sandwich last night and it was still there today so thats what I had. It didn't go down well with Doug who adores cheese as I wouldn't let him have any.

I used the low low cheese toastie slices as you can have three for a healthy extra and it was so good.

I decided to pick a Ryan Reynolds film as my final one....mainly because he is hot but I have never seen a RR film I have disliked and the change up did not dissapoint.

It was very entertaining and had me chuckling till Rich got home.

I decided I wanted chickpea dahl loaf for dinner but it didn't turn out very loafy :( but boy did it taste good. If you have not tried it I'd recommend it as its so good

More SF on my plate and I think for the next week after wi I am going to try and have 15 per day it won't be easy but it may work well!

Anyway it is now time for a nice bubble bath and my book. I am still reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and would really recommend it. It is quite captivating

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