Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day one starts again tomorrow

Okay so I decided I would start a blog to track my journey so far so this is me. I'm Kaz and right now I am way too overweight. I am not happy where I am and plan to change it. I joined slimming world in January but  I admit I faffed around culminating in August where after a big lost I piled it back on again and that has been the story since then. I've been worst than a yoyo and now I'm upset and angry with myself.

So tonight I went to group and thankfully despite messing up the week I stayed the same. I started slimming world at 20 stone 2 and I am now 17 stone 10 1/2 so I've lost a nearly 2 1/2 stone so far but more needs to in group everyone was supportive offering advice and I know that next week I must go to the scales knowing i haven't cheated myself again so this will be my place to rant, write what I'm eating and hopefully keep myself on track and maybe help others too. 

A friend said to me tonight its a bloody hard is and will be one of the hardest ones I've done but I need to do this now and focus on my goal.

So here is the line_____________________________________.

Fresh start tomorrow back to the basics and remembering why I walked into group in the first place.


  1. Good luck im sure you can do it. I too use a blog to help with my journey, it really does help.
    Putting a line under it is the first step so well done.

  2. Thanks Gemma xx I will definitely follow yours Im quite excited to fill my blog in today hehe