Tuesday, 22 April 2014


So this may be a bit of a strange title considering I have been to weigh in tonight and gained 2lbs however there are positives to gain from this. Firstly it is 30 days until the glorious Mitchy comes to visit Bristol with many plans of trifle and cheese afoot, I have made a vow to stay on plan 100% until she arrives and would like to achieve this. I am also feeling positive that I only gained 2lbs as feared much worse. I know I can get rid of that by just sticking to plan.

I am also feeling positive because I have now got two days on plan under my belt and did not have the usual weigh in night black hole food (takeaway, cake crisps all in the excess) I actually had an on plan meal and syns within my daily limit...miracles do occur!!  For me I thought treat nights were a good idea until I really looked at it, the treat night became a week and escalated into me putting nearly half my loss back on again.I know some people can get away with it and can still lose but it just doesn't work for me anymore both mentally and weight wise. 

Apart from weigh in today was back to normality with work and I had quite a full day which made the day go nice and quickly. Once we got home from work I took Doug out and settled down to relax a bit before heading to face the scales.
Food wise today looked like this....
35g Raspberry Malt Wheats (HEB) with banana, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and a muller light and coffee (HEA used throughout the day)
 Mid morning grapes
 Minestrone soup 3 babybels (HEA) and fruit
 Big mac in a bowl (HEB for cheese and 1 syn for 2tbsp of light thousand island dressing) and SW chips.
Muller light dessert yogurt (1) freddo (5) and nak'd raisins (3.5) taking the total too 10.5.

That's all for me tonight night night all xoxo

P.S If you fancy helping me and my lovely Liz raise money in aid of Bath Cats and Dogs home and support us on our 6 mile walk with the pugs then here is the link.

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