Thursday, 24 April 2014

Becoming an angel

It is now my fourth day back on plan and the angel inside me is beaming. I am definitely feeling much better enjoying the healthy wide range of food I can have on the plan and I am enjoying cooking again. I have a very helpful assistant chef in Rich who is helping out a lot and making the cooking a joint thing.

Today has been a pretty standard nothing out the ordinary day I had a fair bit to do so was kept busy which I like. The most exciting thing to happen today was the power going out in the kitchen on our floor meaning the first thing I heard was there was no hot water for for me this is a fate worse than decaf so I wandered off with the cups to find hot water on the floor below. I need my morning coffee...maybe I should make one to take on the drive to work more often....luckily the hot water magic men fixed it so we could have our caffeine on tap. I do sometimes think about cutting down my coffee intake but then I wake up from that nightmare ;)

Food wise today has contained some delicious noms.
Overnight oats (HEB) prepared for me by Rich, it is just layers of porridge oats, fruit and yogurt. Of course a coffee too which was so yummy.
 Mid morning wine before it becomes wine aka grapes
WW pitta bread (HEB) filled with BBQ quorn fillet and salad and a tbsp of mayo (0.5) crisps (3.5) and fruit.
BBQ sauce topped quorn fillets, inside the fillets is half a slice of low low (1/2 HEA) then topped with BBQ sauce and 32g of cheese (1/2 HEA plus 2 syns)
Muller (1) bubbly bite (3) and cookie crisps (4.5) taking my total too 13.5 for the day.

That's all from me for today night night all xoxo

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