Monday, 21 April 2014


Not sure what happened between my last blog and now but I have gone from being comfy on the bus to first feeling like I'd missed my stop then slipping off into an oblivion. I got annoyed with myself but this didn't stop me. I just wanted to feel like a normal person who can eat what they want and not worry or binge...

I obviously have issues I need to deal with but being off plan doesn't help that. I did make a decision to deal with my crisp issue by having a bag a day....shame i then shove other stuff in my mouth. Hopefully though getting myself back on plan from now until when Mitchy comes down in May will help. I got back on plan today and so far I have managed to ignore the cravings. I also decided to do a food diary so I can keep track of what I am eating as well as taking the pictures plus means I can use my cool notebook.
It's actually been a nice day, I spent the morning in Sunnydale watching one of my favourite shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Me and Rich then went to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 which was brilliant.
 Food wise it has been a good day and I have finished up on 12.5 syns
 SW friendly fry up with only 1 syn for the tomato sauce washed down with coffee (HEA).
 Mushroom, courgette and onion cheese omelette (HEA) with salad
Rich decided to do a BBQ so I had quorn sausages, quorn fillets and veggie kebabs with salad SW BBQ chips and BBQ sauce (2)
Game of Thrones snacks oreos (5) muller (1) crisps (3.5) and salted caramel hifi (HEB).

I am going to log off now and settle down to the aftermath of last weeks Game of Thrones....cannot wait!!

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