Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Today has been a strange day so when this popped up on my news feed it felt very appropriate. I really did want to just curl up on the sofa and enter a world that wasn't the one I was in. It was odd as I wasn't feeling down in the dumps just a bit reflective I guess. It all started with a difficult telephone call not something that's the norm in my job but something that in my previous life as a Paralegal wouldn't faze me at all but since I left that world and had to deal with the crap last year my confidence has taken a knock and I am definitely not the same as I used to be. I don't yet know if this is for the better or worse but it's an adventure! I do need to work on my confidence in certain circumstances like telling someone to wait their turn for the water tap instead of moaning...we have one tap that runs the hot and cold for drinks and it can be slow to heat up so pushing in to get some water just because you walked up a hill is just rude when there is a queue grrr.

Apart from that I did the usual walk Doug then relaxed for a bit with The Walking Dead book whilst multi talking (texting three different friends about three different topics at the same time) before we made dinner (and flew Doug around the kitchen to the top gun soundtrack). This evening is some TV watching before curling up in bed probably with my kindle as the book I am reading on that is fab.

Food wise today shaped up like this
 30g Granola (HEB) fruit and yogurt with the start of many coffees (HEA)
 Two slices of low low (HEA) and grapes
 Quorn BBQ fillets, beetroot and mixed salad
 Crisps (3.5)
Pasta bake and salad, in the pasta is a homemade napoli sauce, courgettes and a leftover BBQ quorn fillet and 65g of cheese (HEB and 4 syns)
Muller cheesecake yogurt (1) and two nutra grain biscuits (5).

I'm going to finish up the evening watching Secret Eaters then head to bed so night night all xoxo

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