Saturday, 12 April 2014

Double Dose

I didn't get a chance to blog last night as once we finished watching our Friday night movie it was quite late and bed was calling so a bit of a recap to yesterday first. It was a pretty good day for some reason I was really happy for absolutely no reason which meant I spent most of the day with a smile on my face. Work was it's usual self and when I was done for the day I headed to pick up Rich. Despite the traffic my mood didn't diminish I cranked up the windows and entertained Bristol with my singing. 

Me and Rich did our usual shopping chore...though does anyone else go shopping and still manage to forget stuff? I do click and collect and missed a few items off. Once we got home I took Doug out to enjoy the sun for a bit
As is the norm on a Friday night we settle down to a movie last nights choice was Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows which was really good. I do like a bit of Robert Downey Jr.

Food wise I had my 3rd day on plan though did go over my syns by 1 but not going to panic about that.
 35g of special k granola fruit and yogurt with coffee
 Grapes mid morning
 Leftover spicy quorn steam with cous cous and fruit
 BBQ topped quorn fillets, Rich helped with this dish he topped the quorn fillets with cheese then wrapped in quorn bacon, we then topped in BBQ sauce and then topped with feta so two HEX of cheese used.
Whilst we watched the movie I had two lots of 23g special k crackers (10) with two bubbly bites (6).

On to today, we had planned to sort out some unopened boxes from when we moved into the house to ensure we were only keeping things we wanted. We managed to go through all the boxes with some assistance from Doug.
We made good work of our task and got to the tip to offload the rubbish before the task of sitting on the sofa and doing nothing happened. I did some reading before watching my beloved Arsenal get through to the FA cup final....a very tense and emotional game that included extra time and penalties.
Food wise it has been another good on plan day
 Good old 'fry up' with 1 syn for the tomato sauce
Quorn chicken salad sandwich with 0.5 for the tbsp of mayo and 4 syns for the velvet crunch. I had some fruit too
Kebab and chips, we made the kebab meat using quorn steak fillets and it worked really well (recipe I used is below). Rich stuffed the pitta (WW so a HEB) with HEA of cheese and then the kebab meat. It was really successful as not tried this with quorn before but a definite one to try again.
Pudding 1 syn for the muller light, 5 for the aero biscuit and 3 for the bubbly bite so the total 14.5.

I am heading to bed in a bit once I stop drooling over the great british bake off night night all xoxo

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