Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day two under the belt

Today has officially been a good day! Not only have I been a happy lady most of the day I managed to get through the entire day without any stomach issues or dizzy spells yay me! This is definitely progress and I love being back to my normal weird self!

Apart from work much of today has been spent planning mine and Mitchy's Maycation, many awesome plans have been formed and I really can't wait!! I am going to show her the highlights of Bath, Bristol and the glory that is Wookey Hole (or chewbacca's bum as dubbed by Hague) and Cheddar gorge. It will be a weekend of much awesome giggling and some not so on plan noms ;)

As I was feeling a lot more healthy I decided to finally to crack open the zumba game for the wii that my lovely future mother in law got me for Christmas and give it a go. I expected to not being able to do the full workout and feel awful but I surprised myself by managing it although it was tough....and I lack coordination! I know your supposed to follow the lady showing you what to do and in the most part I did until I couldn't quite follow her so decided to just wiggle my butt in time until the next move came on.
Now a quick bit of research shows that I got about 60% of the high score which is 700 so not too bad for the first go. The calender tells me the next session is Monday so I will be trying to beat my score ;)

Other than jiggling about this evening has been good, Rich chose me another book from my book spa pile which I can't wait to read especially as the bookshop dubbed it the welsh x-men!
Me and Rich also had a combined effort cooking dinner tonight helped by a bit of cheesy music!
You can't beat a bit of 80's music and I really need to get an 80's CD!!

Food wise it has been a good day on plan again :D
Raspberry malt wheats (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and a coffee (HEA of milk used during the day) that I brought with me from home as it was one of those days where I was to be powered on my travel mug is epic!
 Sure you all know what this is...
 Quorn BBQ fillets and feta (HEB) salad with fruit
Spicy quorn steak enchilada type thing, the wraps are made with egg (expertly made by Rich) and topped with HEA of cheese. We served this with SW chips which Rich coated in BBQ frylight.
TV snacks coming to 13 syns.

I'm going to head to bed in a bit with my kindle as I am multi book reading at the moment (it's like one of my superpowers) night night you lovely people xoxo

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