Friday, 25 April 2014

Meeting Godzilla and walking on custard

Sometimes my random mind develops into a place where conversation starts about walking on custard and develops into utter randomness...I mean just picture it your wandering along and see a lake of custard and decide to walk across it....then you stop halfway through and start sinking but eating the custard as you go down like Pacman eating the pellets onnomnomnom. This conversation took place at work as our systems went down and we were just randomly chatting. The thing is this sort of conversation is not abnormal for me (as i respond to a text to Mitchy about custard walking and carrying bananas). 

We also had a conversation about whether it is socially acceptable to do the follow :-

1. Lick your plate in a restaurant
2. Eat pudding before your main course
3. Dip chips in icecream

I must admit the prospect of eating pudding first is actually quite fun and I may encourage this behavior during part of a social experiment!

Apart from the randomness at work it has been a pretty standard day, this evening we did our usual Friday night movie night and watched the 1954 classic Godzilla completed with subtitles as it was the original Japanese version.
I have a busy weekend ahead so will wrap up the blog for the night but not before sharing my noms.
 40g Dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and coffee (HEA)
Mid morning cider and terrys chocolate orange aka an apple and satsuma....why do satsumas have to be so hard to peel?? Would be much easier if they were Terrys chocolate orange and you could just tap and it magically peeled.
 Pasta salad and babybels (HEA)
 More fruit
Mayflower curry (5) with mushrooms and peas, sw chips and egg fried rice. I used a WW pitta as a fake naan
Movie snacks crisps (3.5) oreos (5) and a muller (1) taking the total to 14.5

Night night all xoxo

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