Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wedding Fairs, Walks and fun

I have neglected my blog a bit since Friday...the weekend was a busy one and before I know it I'm on Wednesday nigh and doing a catch up. I won't be sharing food pictures apart from today's as you will be here forever.

So let's spin right back to Saturday which was a rather exciting day as I woke up to discover I had been paid (always a fab thing) and got to work spending some of the money that wasn't allocated for the boring grown up activities booking tickets for me and Rich to go to Harry Potter world and finally getting our flights to Prague sorted. We booked the botel a while back but Easyjet hadn't released our flight dates until recently. The honeymoon is fully booked now tomorrow marks 6 months until we get married and I am definitely looking forward to being Mrs Cadman. 
So once that excitement was over and done with I got ready to go and meet Liz as we had plans to go to a wedding fair. The fair was small but really cool, it was called the weird and wonderful wedding world and was full of unique things and gave me some great ideas for some of the bits that were still undecided....and prompted a completed change of both my dress and my bridesmaid dresses though I am really happy with the changes and the girls are going to look amazing in their dresses.
On Sunday it was the wag walk for Bath Cats and Dogs home, someone forget to tell the weather god that it wasn't meant to piss it down with rain and leave lots of mud! I am really proud of me, Liz and the pugs for completing the walk in not so fun conditions and still feeling cheerful (though tired) at the end. The funniest part of the walk was when Liz warned me that the path was slippy...before she fell over...only to be joined by me. We just sat there laughing and by the end of the walk didn't care how wet and muddy we were.
 This is me sitting in the mud after my slip
Needless to say we were knackered after this and I am still sore now though I can finally walk properly just waiting for my back to catch up now.

I had weigh in last night and stayed the same disapointed but there will be a loss next week!

Today has been a busy day work wise and this evening seems to have flown by so I will be heading to bed in a bit. Food wise the day has looked like this
 Porridge oats (HEB) fruit and yogurt with the first of many coffees (HEA)
 Mid morning snack
 Quorn Tikka fillets with salad babybels (HEA) and fruit
Low fat quorn sausages, mash and veg 3 syns 1.5 for the gravy and 1.5 for the tbsp of flora lighter than light in the mash.
Pudding muller light desert (5) and hifi bar (HEB)

That's all now so night night xoxo

Friday, 25 April 2014

Meeting Godzilla and walking on custard

Sometimes my random mind develops into a place where conversation starts about walking on custard and develops into utter randomness...I mean just picture it your wandering along and see a lake of custard and decide to walk across it....then you stop halfway through and start sinking but eating the custard as you go down like Pacman eating the pellets onnomnomnom. This conversation took place at work as our systems went down and we were just randomly chatting. The thing is this sort of conversation is not abnormal for me (as i respond to a text to Mitchy about custard walking and carrying bananas). 

We also had a conversation about whether it is socially acceptable to do the follow :-

1. Lick your plate in a restaurant
2. Eat pudding before your main course
3. Dip chips in icecream

I must admit the prospect of eating pudding first is actually quite fun and I may encourage this behavior during part of a social experiment!

Apart from the randomness at work it has been a pretty standard day, this evening we did our usual Friday night movie night and watched the 1954 classic Godzilla completed with subtitles as it was the original Japanese version.
I have a busy weekend ahead so will wrap up the blog for the night but not before sharing my noms.
 40g Dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and coffee (HEA)
Mid morning cider and terrys chocolate orange aka an apple and satsuma....why do satsumas have to be so hard to peel?? Would be much easier if they were Terrys chocolate orange and you could just tap and it magically peeled.
 Pasta salad and babybels (HEA)
 More fruit
Mayflower curry (5) with mushrooms and peas, sw chips and egg fried rice. I used a WW pitta as a fake naan
Movie snacks crisps (3.5) oreos (5) and a muller (1) taking the total to 14.5

Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Becoming an angel

It is now my fourth day back on plan and the angel inside me is beaming. I am definitely feeling much better enjoying the healthy wide range of food I can have on the plan and I am enjoying cooking again. I have a very helpful assistant chef in Rich who is helping out a lot and making the cooking a joint thing.

Today has been a pretty standard nothing out the ordinary day I had a fair bit to do so was kept busy which I like. The most exciting thing to happen today was the power going out in the kitchen on our floor meaning the first thing I heard was there was no hot water for for me this is a fate worse than decaf so I wandered off with the cups to find hot water on the floor below. I need my morning coffee...maybe I should make one to take on the drive to work more often....luckily the hot water magic men fixed it so we could have our caffeine on tap. I do sometimes think about cutting down my coffee intake but then I wake up from that nightmare ;)

Food wise today has contained some delicious noms.
Overnight oats (HEB) prepared for me by Rich, it is just layers of porridge oats, fruit and yogurt. Of course a coffee too which was so yummy.
 Mid morning wine before it becomes wine aka grapes
WW pitta bread (HEB) filled with BBQ quorn fillet and salad and a tbsp of mayo (0.5) crisps (3.5) and fruit.
BBQ sauce topped quorn fillets, inside the fillets is half a slice of low low (1/2 HEA) then topped with BBQ sauce and 32g of cheese (1/2 HEA plus 2 syns)
Muller (1) bubbly bite (3) and cookie crisps (4.5) taking my total too 13.5 for the day.

That's all from me for today night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Today has been a strange day so when this popped up on my news feed it felt very appropriate. I really did want to just curl up on the sofa and enter a world that wasn't the one I was in. It was odd as I wasn't feeling down in the dumps just a bit reflective I guess. It all started with a difficult telephone call not something that's the norm in my job but something that in my previous life as a Paralegal wouldn't faze me at all but since I left that world and had to deal with the crap last year my confidence has taken a knock and I am definitely not the same as I used to be. I don't yet know if this is for the better or worse but it's an adventure! I do need to work on my confidence in certain circumstances like telling someone to wait their turn for the water tap instead of moaning...we have one tap that runs the hot and cold for drinks and it can be slow to heat up so pushing in to get some water just because you walked up a hill is just rude when there is a queue grrr.

Apart from that I did the usual walk Doug then relaxed for a bit with The Walking Dead book whilst multi talking (texting three different friends about three different topics at the same time) before we made dinner (and flew Doug around the kitchen to the top gun soundtrack). This evening is some TV watching before curling up in bed probably with my kindle as the book I am reading on that is fab.

Food wise today shaped up like this
 30g Granola (HEB) fruit and yogurt with the start of many coffees (HEA)
 Two slices of low low (HEA) and grapes
 Quorn BBQ fillets, beetroot and mixed salad
 Crisps (3.5)
Pasta bake and salad, in the pasta is a homemade napoli sauce, courgettes and a leftover BBQ quorn fillet and 65g of cheese (HEB and 4 syns)
Muller cheesecake yogurt (1) and two nutra grain biscuits (5).

I'm going to finish up the evening watching Secret Eaters then head to bed so night night all xoxo

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


So this may be a bit of a strange title considering I have been to weigh in tonight and gained 2lbs however there are positives to gain from this. Firstly it is 30 days until the glorious Mitchy comes to visit Bristol with many plans of trifle and cheese afoot, I have made a vow to stay on plan 100% until she arrives and would like to achieve this. I am also feeling positive that I only gained 2lbs as feared much worse. I know I can get rid of that by just sticking to plan.

I am also feeling positive because I have now got two days on plan under my belt and did not have the usual weigh in night black hole food (takeaway, cake crisps all in the excess) I actually had an on plan meal and syns within my daily limit...miracles do occur!!  For me I thought treat nights were a good idea until I really looked at it, the treat night became a week and escalated into me putting nearly half my loss back on again.I know some people can get away with it and can still lose but it just doesn't work for me anymore both mentally and weight wise. 

Apart from weigh in today was back to normality with work and I had quite a full day which made the day go nice and quickly. Once we got home from work I took Doug out and settled down to relax a bit before heading to face the scales.
Food wise today looked like this....
35g Raspberry Malt Wheats (HEB) with banana, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and a muller light and coffee (HEA used throughout the day)
 Mid morning grapes
 Minestrone soup 3 babybels (HEA) and fruit
 Big mac in a bowl (HEB for cheese and 1 syn for 2tbsp of light thousand island dressing) and SW chips.
Muller light dessert yogurt (1) freddo (5) and nak'd raisins (3.5) taking the total too 10.5.

That's all for me tonight night night all xoxo

P.S If you fancy helping me and my lovely Liz raise money in aid of Bath Cats and Dogs home and support us on our 6 mile walk with the pugs then here is the link.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Not sure what happened between my last blog and now but I have gone from being comfy on the bus to first feeling like I'd missed my stop then slipping off into an oblivion. I got annoyed with myself but this didn't stop me. I just wanted to feel like a normal person who can eat what they want and not worry or binge...

I obviously have issues I need to deal with but being off plan doesn't help that. I did make a decision to deal with my crisp issue by having a bag a day....shame i then shove other stuff in my mouth. Hopefully though getting myself back on plan from now until when Mitchy comes down in May will help. I got back on plan today and so far I have managed to ignore the cravings. I also decided to do a food diary so I can keep track of what I am eating as well as taking the pictures plus means I can use my cool notebook.
It's actually been a nice day, I spent the morning in Sunnydale watching one of my favourite shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Me and Rich then went to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 which was brilliant.
 Food wise it has been a good day and I have finished up on 12.5 syns
 SW friendly fry up with only 1 syn for the tomato sauce washed down with coffee (HEA).
 Mushroom, courgette and onion cheese omelette (HEA) with salad
Rich decided to do a BBQ so I had quorn sausages, quorn fillets and veggie kebabs with salad SW BBQ chips and BBQ sauce (2)
Game of Thrones snacks oreos (5) muller (1) crisps (3.5) and salted caramel hifi (HEB).

I am going to log off now and settle down to the aftermath of last weeks Game of Thrones....cannot wait!!