Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wedding Fairs, Walks and fun

I have neglected my blog a bit since Friday...the weekend was a busy one and before I know it I'm on Wednesday nigh and doing a catch up. I won't be sharing food pictures apart from today's as you will be here forever.

So let's spin right back to Saturday which was a rather exciting day as I woke up to discover I had been paid (always a fab thing) and got to work spending some of the money that wasn't allocated for the boring grown up activities booking tickets for me and Rich to go to Harry Potter world and finally getting our flights to Prague sorted. We booked the botel a while back but Easyjet hadn't released our flight dates until recently. The honeymoon is fully booked now tomorrow marks 6 months until we get married and I am definitely looking forward to being Mrs Cadman. 
So once that excitement was over and done with I got ready to go and meet Liz as we had plans to go to a wedding fair. The fair was small but really cool, it was called the weird and wonderful wedding world and was full of unique things and gave me some great ideas for some of the bits that were still undecided....and prompted a completed change of both my dress and my bridesmaid dresses though I am really happy with the changes and the girls are going to look amazing in their dresses.
On Sunday it was the wag walk for Bath Cats and Dogs home, someone forget to tell the weather god that it wasn't meant to piss it down with rain and leave lots of mud! I am really proud of me, Liz and the pugs for completing the walk in not so fun conditions and still feeling cheerful (though tired) at the end. The funniest part of the walk was when Liz warned me that the path was slippy...before she fell over...only to be joined by me. We just sat there laughing and by the end of the walk didn't care how wet and muddy we were.
 This is me sitting in the mud after my slip
Needless to say we were knackered after this and I am still sore now though I can finally walk properly just waiting for my back to catch up now.

I had weigh in last night and stayed the same disapointed but there will be a loss next week!

Today has been a busy day work wise and this evening seems to have flown by so I will be heading to bed in a bit. Food wise the day has looked like this
 Porridge oats (HEB) fruit and yogurt with the first of many coffees (HEA)
 Mid morning snack
 Quorn Tikka fillets with salad babybels (HEA) and fruit
Low fat quorn sausages, mash and veg 3 syns 1.5 for the gravy and 1.5 for the tbsp of flora lighter than light in the mash.
Pudding muller light desert (5) and hifi bar (HEB)

That's all now so night night xoxo

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